by Charlie Hawkins, MBA  

Charlie Hawkins.
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26 Ways to Make Meetings More Fun (…and productive)

Looking for ways to bring new life and energy to your meetings? Turn "dull and dreaded" to "energizing and effective" with these tips.

Getting Everyone to Agree in Meetings - the Impossible Dream?

Charlie Hawkins examines the most common decision-making methods in groups, and some of the strengths and drawbacks to each.

Effective Meetings Through Focus, Facilitation, Fellowship and Feedback

To rescue ordinary meetings from disaster, start conducting meetings that are shorter, productive and fun. The road to more effective meetings begins with four "F" words--focus, facilitation, fellowship and feedback.

Meeting Facilitation Tips

Using a facilitator is a good way to keep a meeting focused and productive, and to prevent many problems such as drifting from the agenda and running overtime.

How to Deal with Ramblers, Bores, Show-Offs and Other People who Sabotage Your Meetings

Facilitation Tips to Keep Your Meetings On Track.

Idea Busters vs. Idea Builders

Sometimes good ideas never see the light of day because they are crushed before they are fully explored. The language we use when responding to ideas in meetings makes all the difference. This is a list of common idea busters, with suggestions on how to respond in a way that builds ideas instead.

Bring Passion to Presentations

Often, the difference between a good presentation and a great presentation is the speaker's ability to communicate with passion. This article explores the role of passion in presenting.

About the Author

Charlie Hawkins has over 40 years’ experience as a product marketer, entrepreneur, meeting facilitator, business coach and human behavior specialist, and is the author of Make Meetings Matter, a complete guide for planning and running effective meetings.


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