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Here is a small selection of articles by best-selling author Larry Wilde, along with excerpts from Larry's books, including "Test Your Funny Bone"– a quiz to help you determine if you suffer from "Humor Deficiency Syndrome" – as well as guidelines for entering the laughter zone – "Up Your Laugh Quotient" – and using humor to wipe out stress.

Laughter and Longevity

Laughter and Longevity

Test Your Funny Bone

Test Your Funny Bone –
Do you have a Humor Deficiency Syndrome?

Discover your laughter zone

Up Your Laugh Quotient – The Miracle Morale Builder

Humor, Prescription for Stress

Humor Rx for Alleviating Stress in the 21st Century

Commandments for Lighthearted Living

Larry's Ten Commandments for Lighthearted Living
(Okay, Eleven)


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